Kudos to Postcarders!!

The opinions expressed in this post are strictly those of the author and do not reflect opinions or positions held by Indivisible Northampton.

Last year, Indivisible Northampton (IN) held a fundraising campaign. Donations from you, our members, and a matching grant from the national organization (that provides us with ongoing support and guidance) raised over $1,000. We have chosen to use a significant portion of these funds to support our on-going postcard campaigns. IN has purchased and provided postcards free of charge, and is able to offer some subsidies for postage to make broader participation possible.

Over the last few years, Indivisible Northampton volunteers have participated in postcard campaigns to diligently and effectively send postcards to voters in locations chosen to effect critical outcomes. We have provided information to help people register to vote, most recently Texas women, or to request mail-in ballots. We have supported constituents in numerous states to lobby their congresspeople for specific legislation. We have provided voters with information on the benefits of Democratic legislation, and we have lobbied hard for Democratic candidates.

Literally hundreds of you have written thousands of postcards (more than 45,000 from the Florence porch alone!) and informed, alerted, encouraged voters all over the US. You have endured cramped muscles from lengthy hand-written messages, invested heavily in US postcard stamps, and spent hours doing this volunteer work.

We send a big shout out of thanks and appreciation to all of you who make this work possible. Data collected by a wide range of organizations–from progressive groups (e.g.,Sister District, Reclaim Our Vote, Postcards to Swing States) to the State of Pennsylvania–have documented the positive impact of postcards, especially in getting out the vote. Organizations have also documented the impact of campaigns that have yielded significant constituent contact with their Congressperson on specific issues.

All this is to say….Indivisible Northampton is committed to providing access to postcarding campaigns that put this tactic to effective use! We are currently planning where we will next focus our work. With your help, our members and donors, we will maintain and expand the impact of our progressive postcarding!